I’m feeling Skirtish

Skirts have always been a hard sell for me because there’s something just a little bit unflattering about them. Its hard to come by one that fits and sits just right. Scouring the web today, I came across these ones from Jil Sander. Now, its not in my budget range, £425, that’s round about the price of a Marc by Marc handbag which I’d much prefer to splash out on and clothes are not something I would readily spend that amount of money on, but that being said, I love the uniqueness of the cut and the proper high waist. It looks a little matronly but that only adds to its rigid style and sensibility, with discreet side pockets, cocoon shape (this can be a bit of an issue for girls like me whose hips don’t lie but the high waist will cinch you in to balance out the fit so it doesn’t look clumsy on) and a soft fold at the font, there isn’t a lot of fuss going on here, but it’s one of those more versatile pieces that will lend style to any old look.

Since her return to her namesake label, Jil Sander there hasn’t been much difference to the aesthetic of the house, the collections  have been very much similar, if not like for like, to Raf Simons’ during his tenure. There hasn’t been much of a departure, in my opinion, which only proves that he got the Jil Sander NDA down to a solid science. I guess if it ain’t broke…

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