GoT. Season 3 ep.1; Valar Dohaeris

GOT 3So we left the whole Westeros crew in a bit of a disarray, White Walkers appeared, Sansa became an outcast in the King’s Landing and Khaleesi got her dragon babies back. Of course Joffrey is still a psychopath and his mother an ice cold queen mama. Jammie Lannister is still en-route to be delivered, talk about snail mail. Tyrion Lannister won the battle but daddy Lannister swooped in at the last minute and claimed the victory as his…well, he did help but Tyrion got cheated. Oh and daddy is now the King’s hand no longer Tyrion. I think Daddy has some serious daddy envy issues but there we have it. And there was the whole dark magic thing. And that loser Theon Greyjoy was returned to his home but not after his soldiers destroy Winterfell. And Robb Stark married the healer girl, Talisa thereby breaking his word to Lord Frey. And he still mad at mommy.

Season 3 picked up with things picking up. The White Walkers attacked the Night watch men and left but a handful alive and Sam the poor fool is spared possibly because the King of the White Walkers knows he won’t be of much value to them. I do feel for Sam he’s such a simpleton. Jon is now a part of the Wildings after being captured, although it wasn’t a hard sell considering what he witness as a Night Watchman (I still maintain his character needs some more action, he’s far too broody to endure but I will be patient) The King of the Wildlings, Mance Rayder, reveals that he too used to be a man of the Night Watch so it will be interesting to hear what he has to say about this most “noble” profession and what made him turn against his kind and cross over to the other side. Tyrion is denied his right to Casterly Rock by his father, which he requested as a token of recognition for the role he played in the Battle of Blackwater. Lord Lannister digs the knife in further by castigating his son and the seeds of anger have been sewn.

The dragons are growing and Daenerys is gathering her army; she makes a trip to Slave bay to buy Unsullied soldiers who will help her claim back Westeros I don’t know that I trust the returned Ser Selmy, former King’s Guard who returned to her service and pledges his loyalty but here’s hoping he is on side otherwise the dragons will get him.

Stannis Baratheon fought and lost the Battle of Blackwater and he is off licking his wounds with Mellisandre his goddess of light who gives birth to dark shadowy creepy creatures. On her advice he throws his general, Davos, into the dungeons for daring to challenge her and turn him against her.

This episode didn’t reveal much but gave enough. It laid foundation for what will be and even more solid season. The players are now coming into their own and getting into position to fight their corners. Joffrey’s new queen, Margaery  will be a match for Cersei so it will be interesting to see exactly how their relationship plays out. She is playing to the heart of the people by being charitable and putting their concerns at the heart of Joffrey’s reign but how long will that last and exactly what does she want to gain from this. Playing nice is not something we have come to expect from most of the characters and as she once revealed to Little Finger, she wants to be The Queen. The brief dialogue between Shae and Ros, who warns Shae about trusting Little Finger with Sansa’s welfare, brings another dimension of intrigue into the show.

The nipple slicing bit was a bit too much. Eurgh…*shivers*

Epic. (I really ought to stop saying this word but GoT is totally EPIC)

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