The Varsity Jacket.

Style couldn’t get more high school than the Varsity Jacket, and what sweet (*S) memories it conjures up; the cheerleaders and the jocks aka Queen and King Bee. It was the ultimate stamp of cool, a statement that set you apart from the rest of the herd. I love the resurrection of the Varsity Jacket because it is the perfect alternative to a blazer. Now, whilst the Blazer will forever remain a wardrobe essential, it doesn’t hurt to invest in the Varsity for Spring…if we ever get some. There’s a casual vibe to it, so it won’t go with everything but what it goes it, it goes with well, a la this brunch outfit right from the boyfriend’s closet. And unlike most blazers, the Varsity jacket is complete with versatility because it easily works on its own for a nippier spring day.

Varsity Jackets above available from Topshop.