MFW- Prada; Romping around and Rolling off…

This was the best in show, and even on the last day of Milan, Prada- despite being so early on in the schedule- was still very much on the mind. It was divine. Sexual and Sensual. A definitive show that had it all; ruggedness, romance, sex appeal, demure, right down to the ugly, clumpy shoes. Mrs Prada showed a different way to do sexy without making it too sexy-sexy. She found the fine line; it was alluring. The dresses were strewn on, coats haphazardly thrown on, that gold leather pinafore over the grey knitwear made me just lose my mind with its fantastic simplicity, coats with deep cuffs, broad hemmed suits, oversize bags (long may they live) uneven hems with most everything falling off the shoulder…its a just romped-jumped in the shower-thrown on-dashed out of the house-grabbing the bag along the way, kind of look (if you get your head round to it). There was also a play with textures; tweeds softened by sequins, the elongated side hem gave a lesson in the perfect way to do dishabille without looking a hot mess and gingham; in coats, in suits and colour to boot.

The power came in the absolute femininity and rawness of the romance; the old cinema house vibe; the projection of silhouetted images in the background, the mood of the show, the wooden floors, the wet hair…but none of that took away from the emotions evoked by the clothes that alluded to something deeply personal; as Mrs Prada said, ‘its everything that I like.’ (NYT) There was a sense that she was throwing out the rule book and just rolling with it. Trends be dead. This collection mirrored the intricacies of everyday life; how fashion can be an aid despite its interruption, with its motions and emotions; deciding what to wear to suit your mood. Knowing what mood you’re in to suit what you want to wear but time affords us no such luxuries, you just want to get up, dress up and go, without having to worry and wonder, but also having confidence in the way you look because its completely definitive of your lifestyle. You know what I mean?

This was everything of that and more. This was a PERFECTION in fashion.