LFW; The Unexpected Mr Williamson

Matthew Williamson’s woman is all partied out and ready to be a grown up. This was one of the most surprising moments in London fashion week, and a very good one at that.

This collection had me doing a double take. Right? Finally! Mr Williamson emerges. Look after look, girl after girl…Clean. GASP. Cool. GASP. And unsexy; Holy $£%! Even the shoes bordered on ugly kind of pretty. This wasn’t boring, far from it, it was pretty damn good. His signature was still apparent, better yet an evolved style and a refined way of thinking. Colours-of course- and finesse, hemlines were longer and cuts were freer. Williamson worked prints into his love of colour, beautifully tailored pieces, graphic patterns and his signature bohemianism so very expertly. That mustard coloured, black and white geo patterned panelled, coat on Hanne Gaby Odiele, was as beautiful in its simplicity. The look here was easy, a self assured offering of clothes that did not overshadow but compliment. The presence of a definitive confidence.

On the flip side, at times it was a little too printy-printy it could look a little gypsy, but that was Williamson just being his typical bohemian self, some of the looseness did not translate very well and the tassel, dip-dyed neck thingy…but no matter, we can’t have it all but we had more than enough, in this unexpected yet perfectly beautiful collection, to be satisfied. It was plenty enough.

Lesson Learned; Not everything tight is right, not everything bright is beautiful and its okay to hold off on the sparkle; it still won’t dull their shine.