LFW; King Kane.

Christopher Kane is having a moment. With bright lights and pompoms to boot. And with the power of PPR behind him, this is just the beginning of great things to come, judging by the star collection he turned out. His is, a talent certain to go far beyond his Topshop collaborations. He did that, and now its time to move on to bigger and better grounds. And move on he did, with a collection that served two ends of the stick; a fond farewell to the past and heralding of a new era. A collection punched with luxury- a new kind of luxury- and a bit of punk-rockability bathed in Kane’s quirky signatures- camouflage; he is one of the few designers that can make camouflage look cool and luxurious at the same time- appliqués, luxe knits and prints. There was something familiar about this collection, it was chuck full of Kane’s traditional references; kilts and camouflage, a rogue kind of sex appeal, quirky motifs on clothes; that gorilla tee, the face of frankenstein from SS’13 collection- the frankenstein look was worked in with the velvet pieces, skin flashed in precise holes along seams and hems. However, in this instant, the familiarity not only felt fresh, but it also felt like a New Year’s Eve party of the sorts; out with the old, in with the new, all married together in this one beautiful collection.

Here’s looking to the future of this bright, bright talent.