LFW; An Appropriateness- Wickstead, Saunders and Rocha.

Remember that age old advise from mother on dressing up? Chest or legs never both? This was a lesson in perfecting appropriation; even when something is on show, there is an illusion of propriety. The Wickstead woman is a snob, an upper class snob and she works it in her look. Her superiority is enchanting and somewhat intimidating. Jonathan Saunders enhanced his skill for properly dressing a woman, from top to bottom, with unwavering completeness, a look perfect for all kinds of women and Rocha brought back a lady of old, a woman who lived in a time where properly dressing up was a requirement in any society. There isn’t enough of that…Its how granny would have dressed in her hey day, and we know how often fashion comes back full circle. This is a superior look with refined demure. A cross road where contemporary meets luxury. Rocha, in his definitive collection gave an old soul a fresh look, daytime glamour with a whimsical overtone, volume and embellishment. The bigness made all the more beautiful with appliqués and softened cocoon shapes. Jonathan Saunders is a man who loves to dress a woman, that much is easy to see in his collections. When it comes to his clothes he is sympathetic to the woman and he embraces all of her. He went back to the most significant era in fashion, in my opinion, the 50s. Hips and waists, the derriere and chest showed off in dresses with bustiers and corsets, cinched in waists and flared skirts. The classic bombshell look, but nothing about this was gaudy and the absence of his signature prints (which I am fond of) meant we saw the clothes with a little less distraction and more importantly, we saw the woman. Emilia Wickstead proved once again, her knowledge of just what her woman wants; a look that speaks to the quality of her life, with a subtle hint of her airs and graces. Her style speaks for itself, her clothes are definitive of her lifestyle; luxury without compromise on ease.