NYFW. Look to Love; Uptown Girl, Uptown Attitude.

She lives in her uptown world, as the song says. Twin sets are a bore and she pawned the family pearls for some rapper chunky gold chains… sorry grandma. There’s nothing cliché about her, maybe the attitude but you know, she matches to the beat of her own crazy sounding bongo drum, funky heels and all. Death to the prepsters and WASPs, she wears pajama pants down the block with heels or sweats with bedroom slippers to brunch at Bergdorfs. What chu gonna do about that? Its the matchy-matchy suit borrowed from grandma’s closet thrown off with stripes and a chunky necklace, the there but not there hair, maybe with the rollers still in, walking down the street; its a look, its her look, so please don’t argue cuz ain’t nobody got time for you. Oversize coat with oversize clutch paired down and done up whichever way she wants. Leather pants, touch of fur, leopard prints; its all in the mix. Even that funny old hat. She’ll make it all work.