NYFW. Look to Love; Old is New

This look feels familiar; its what you have in your wardrobe, you know, old is new… Coordination is so overrated, so there’s no match-matchy going on here because this whole dressing up to the nines thing is so passé. Except of course on the red carpet where its only polite. Mornings are hard enough to deal with without having to worry about some style misstep up in there. BUT, the key to this look is a certain type of attitude, swagger, if you will (that word…). There’s fashion but style is the most important focus without looking like you gave it a second’s thought. You know what I mean? Its un-fussy and relaxed, freeing silhouettes not a bandage dress in sight. Shorts are in, (get on those lunges ladies) with knits and cashmere, the side slit is happening for Autumn-Winter along with a dollop of the big easy. And jeans!! Yes jeans a la Juicy, with its Californian dream belle collection, the velour is dead. Layers as seen in BCBG and Nicholas K, are big but not shabby, a mismatch but perfectly executed look from Creatures of the Wild. And  SHUT THE FRENCH WINDOWS! if you’re having a bad hair day, you can throw on a BEANIE!