Brunch; In a #NYFW Minute.

Fashion Week, the belly of the beast, is here again to feed our starving eyes…well not really considering we’ve had the SAGs and Globes to talk about, but no red carpet trumps the runway and nothing says FASHUNZ like Fashion Week, when suddenly you do not have the time for the little things, or little people, add to that. Show days are normally characterised by running up and down the city, trying to make it to the next show. Taxi? What taxi? your flats are in your bag for a reason. But you find the time in your jampacked schedule to make that brief brunch meeting with that VIP/MVP, whatever your peeps be. The look is functional and fashionable; you want to be in and out with no hassle. Its a whole day’s look, a working day, because Fashion Week is first and foremost WORK. The look is snappy, as in slick, sharp and keeping it together. Leather dress, Open toe booties, there’s a myth that these should be banned but I say for this look its just perfect and yes I know, Louboutins but at least these are not those goddamn, Lady Peeps aka; WAG uniform, so its a go. The navy trench perfects the look just that extra touch and that tote is your Fashion Week saviour, trust. Gold tones in jewellery and the peepers. Of course, the peepers its fashion week after all, what would life be without sunglasses?! Keep your hair in a pony tail because you just don’t want it getting in the way. And out the door you go…”TAXI!”

1. Paul Smith Black Navy Trench, 2. Vince Leather Dress, 3. Givenchy Antigona Shopper 4. The Row Sunglasses, 5. Micheal Kors Gold watch, 6. Christian Louboutin Diptic 100 ankle boots.