I LOVE THEM. Say what you will about them, but I declare my undying love for them. I’m a bit of an UGGs fanatic, owning 8 pairs and all, although to some it seems almost sacrilegious that I should own even one. But here’s the thing; UGGs are comfortable and cosy, they are not high fashion, they don’t claim to be, and not a replacement for your high heels, they don’t want to be. They are short, fat, fluffy things you can lounge around the house in or pound the pavement on the weekend shopping in. Whatever stirs your coffee. I love the feel of them. Their warmth in the thick of winter, that fluffy comforting hug around your feet in the cold breeze, its like a purr of satisfaction, or a warm cuddle from your grandmama…something close at least. UGGs are schlepping boots, for moments when you just can’t be bothered to throw on anything else and when flats just won’t do the work. With jeans, dresses, skirts, UGGs just do the work.

Comfort is often foregone in the name of fashion so we’ll take it anywhere we can. And that’s where UGGs come in. Sure there are others but none like UGGs and you can quote me on that. You may not wear them with your power pants or dress suits, even I will call you out if you did but after a long day of conquering the world in your towering heels, on your way home in the cold; ain’t no shame in pulling your UGGs on gurl. They are good like that. Slip ’em on, slide ’em off.

So you see, they may not be your cup of tea but at the end of the day, UGGs are functional and sometimes in life function is all we need.

Now as for crocs…don’t even get me started.

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