Morning Glory.

morning glory I love Rachel McAdams she is a breath of fresh air on screen and even more so because she is not trying to fit into a mould per se, of the Hollywood cliché. You know. Her vibe is just so refreshing and she is a damn fine actress. The Notebook. Hello? Midnight in Paris, Even the badly adapted Time Traveller’s Wife. Morning Glory is one of my favourites of hers. Albeit not a bank breaking blockbuster release, the story is appealing;

The Plot; Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) is a young Producer who unexpectedly gets fired from her job on the morning show she produces in New Jersey. Without much to lose she goes for broke and after relentless efforts and borderline stalking behaviour, she eventually lands a job on Daybreak, a morning show on a struggling network in New York, perpetually in 4th place with anal retentive egotistical presenters and a boss who underestimates her. Her first order of the day; she fires her feet obsessive star anchor and hires the very grumpy yet legendary and very reluctant Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford) to anchor with the dinosaur of the network and former Miss Arizona, Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton.)

Hopefully they won’t kill each other. Hopefully.

Why you should see it; Its a feel good movie for one and the perfect indulgence. Morning Glory is a story of a young woman finding her place in the world, going after what she wants and eventually getting it, even if its not where she thought she’d find it. It is not about the end game or scoring the most coveted gig in the industry, its about the journey and how it can lead you to the most unexpected yet perfect place. Where you need to be.

What makes it; Becky is feisty and determined to succeed, despite the magnanimous egos she is working with and a team who have all but lost morale. Becky Fuller has a job to do and boy does she know it.

Oh and there’s a cutie involved too…of course, its a romcom after-all

Snarkiest line; Becky’s mother after she gets fired; “you have a dream, great. When you were 8 it was adorable. When you were 18 it was inspiring. At 28, its officially embarrassing. I just want you to stop before we get to embarrassing…”