Gossip Girl; Blair Waldorf

gossip girl blairI have always been Team Queen B! Right from the very first episode of Gossip Girl; Blair is feisty, fierce and downright evil but god I love her for that. She wants what she wants and God help the person or persons who get in her way; friend, family or foe. The Blair Waldorf take down is one of my favourite things to see unfold. Such military precision and Machiavellian execution.

Where Serena was fair and pretty and played the part of that helpless maiden with way too many issues; daddy, boyfriend, mommy etc, Blair, with her headbands as her crown, played the screw-the-world-Blair’s-way-or-no-way-at all, card. Not even the high way because she’ll cut you before you can walk away and screw her over. She had issues, oh by the bucket load, her dark and twisted mind was a gold mine of the most sinister issues, but she was so much stronger at dealing with life than Serena was. For a time her tricks and schemes were so high school and tedious to watch but that was more to the discredit of the show’s producers and writers than her capability as a character. Still, what she had to work with, most of the time, she worked it well.

Never one to wear her heart on her sleeves, knowing only one person truly held her it, Blair was good at hiding her flaws except when push came to shove and she had to do something she’d much rather not do. Her relationship with Chuck was as twisted as an ex-alcoholic would have with a bottle of vodka but they had an understanding of each other, much more solid than Dan and Serena. Their love was the ride or die kind; Blair and Chuck were the Bonnie and Clyde of the Upper East Side, with a happier ending. I loved their story line, at times trying, these two psychos tried our patience but when they got together it was like a house on fire. The world was not enough.

Unlike Serena, Blair was almost allergic to weakness in anyone, especially herself and although it took her a while to get out of high school, figuratively speaking, she grew up eventually. Even in her most annoying moments, there was just something about B that outshone the others. Beneath all that kray, kray, Blair had a heart, one that we were only made aware of in the rarest of moments. She was the Don of the show. Without a shadow of doubt.

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