Brunch; One of those days.

Its the holidays, we’re finally on a well deserved break so lets put the brakes on. Literally. Skinny yellow pants and sunny winter days. It shouldn’t work but it works. You know those days where you’re not sure what exactly you want to wear but winter blacks just won’t cut it? Its a sunny disposition in wholly inappropriate seasons. But what the hell. And those yellow pants are all you can find. Yah…one of those days. This look is perfect for meeting up with friends for a quick bite before the onslaught of the holiday makes us forget them somewhere in the mix. Casual-Best. The nice fluffy sweater sorry nan, nothing crazy or christmassy, the über cool handbag, flats? yes please, sunnies? always, and skinny yellow pants that fit to a T? I’ll take it. Its prep for the holidays thrown off with a dab of leopard print. Just one of those days…

1. Sweater; Jil Sander. 2. Handbag; DKNY. 3. Sunglasses; Linda Farrow Luxe 4. Pants; Moschino Cheap and Chic. 5; Flats; YSL.

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