THE LIBRARY | Just A Family Affair by Veronica Henry

A book that stays with you for all time. That’s what I think each time I go back to this book. It’s a bloody good read. The Liddard family are local legends in the Village of Honeycote, but not everything is as rosy as one would imagine looking from the outside in. There is a wedding to be planned but passions are running mighty high and secrets are about to be revealed. Oh just what do the Liddard family have in store for us? Fireworks! Lucy is the family matriarch and her affable husband Mickey, is up to his eye balls in shenanigans that have kept her up at night but she is not ready for the very latest bombshell. Oh sweet Mandy; she is about to be married to sexy, charming Patrick but just what is she getting herself into by becoming the next Mrs Liddard? And then there is Mayday, my favourite character, she’s a wild one, so cool, so rebellious and like a cloud, you cannot pin her down.

Lives are intertwined: a husband and his old flame share the mother of all secrets: nothing good can come of that. A fiancé and the girl who still makes him wonder, what if? How far will he go with her to get that answer? Will he make it down the aisle? We wonder. Oh how we wonder.

And a very unlikely saviour at the end of the story.

This is a heart warming tale of family and its nuances. It’s pitch perfect and most endearing. The characters are funny, innocuous, sweet, charming and sometimes they’ll work your last nerve but you’ll love them more than you’ll loathe them, foibles and all. They each have their own part to play in the story and at the end of it, they’ll leave you wanting more. And one day, I hope for more but for now, we have this story that will warm your heart, make you laugh and sometimes make you just want to curl up and indulge in its pleasure.

It’s just a family affair after all…

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