Brunch; Fashion Editor off-duty

She’s either in the front row or very much on the go, continent to catwalk, we all just play catch up. Ever so fashionably savvy she knows what’s in and what’s out before us mere mortals. On duty she’s polished to perfection, high fashion definition with a disruption of high street sass. Off duty she’s relaxed with the chichi kind of slouch, fine knits and leopard prints…she’s fashion forward so she makes it work and looks damn good too. Before you know it, it becomes a trend. She’s not averse to luxury of the new kind now the Birkin is a pariah somewhat, so the Harper by Victoria, (Beckham of course) will do just fine. Ankle boots to ward off the chill, tights too if you will. And the sunnies, they never come off.

1. Gucci turtleneck wool sweater. 2. J.Crew Leopard print pencil skirt. 3. Sergio Rossi leather and suede boots. 4. Victoria Beckham Harper handbag. 5. Thierry Lasry sunglasses.

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