Hurricane Sandy

She hit the Eastern Seaboard of the United States some 14 hours ago, prior to that her landfall was in Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, and The Bahamas. From the United States she continued on to Canada. Although she has moved on and is reportedly weakening in strength, the aftermath is still harrowing and sobering on so many levels. I live in London where the national theme song is about the weather be it rain, sunshine or snow because in one day we can see all four seasons and whilst we like to have the jocular obligatory moan about the weather, seeing the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy; lives lost, homes lost, families left in distraught, puts things in perspective. Sometimes no matter how prepared we think we are, nothing prepares us for the worst.

Early estimates suggests it will cost billions of dollars to repair the damage caused by Sandy, and whilst some will be irreparable and irreplaceable, for what can be fixed, your help is needed so please give what you can to help the relief efforts. If you cannot give money give your time, volunteer, look in on elderly folks or those physically unable to get around easily, pets etc. Do what you can and here’s how;

The Red Cross; online or via text; REDCROSS to 90999. They need all the help they can get. Nothing is too big or too small

Keep the victims in your hearts and remember the dead in your prayers.

Heartfelt thanks go out to the rescue teams, the police, firemen and women, nurses, doctors, relief workers, emergency responders… everyone who has helped in any way, God bless you.

I carry you all in my heart always. Stay safe.