THE LIBRARY: Savour the Moment by Nora Roberts.

Finally Fashion Week is over, we can return to normal now…well-ish. And I have the perfect pick up for your weekend feet up.

Savour the Moment is the third book in the Bride Quartet Series by Nora Roberts, a sweet story about Laurel McBane. Laurel is a tough chick, thanks to the rockiness of her parent’s marriage and her father’s scandalous shenanigans, she has had to be, and this leaves little or no room for love and its other whiles. As the very successful pastry chef at Vows, the wedding planning business she runs with her three best friends; Parker, Emma and Mackensie, she creates confectionary perfection. There is more than enough to be getting on with; waking up in the wee hours of the day to bake her magnificent cakes, whip up delicious pastries, and all kinds of sweet sensations, to let love get in the way and get her carried away.

But love has a way of getting under your skin and into your heart and that’s just where Delaney Brown is.

Delaney Brown, smart, cool and handsome. Delaney, of the Connecticut Browns, is from old money, wealth and class but has gone on to forge his path as a successful lawyer, so he is “nobody’s whipping boy”. He is also the Lawyer for Vows. Oh, not to forget Parker’s older brother, so in a round about way lines are blurred with Laurel because he has the tendency to see her as one and the same with Parker along with Emma and Mackensie. Something Laurel finds irksome.

For all her expertise at giving every bride  her perfect day and making dreams come true alongside her friends, Laurel is fiercely independent and, above all, a realist; with Del there is too much at stake, their’s is a “tribe” that’s closely knit together, and any sign of sparks between these two is bound to get the tongues of upper crust Connecticut, wagging. She has kept her emotions in check and feelings at bay. Still, that hasn’t changed a thing.There have been others through the years, but her heart belongs to him. It always has. And now, those feelings are simmering to the surface. Throw in a dating moratorium, living with her three best friends two of whom are engaged to be married, a thriving wedding planning business that’s bound to give a girl fantastical ideas…its getting very close to boiling point.

These two are as stubborn as they are attracted to each other; extremely in both cases and together they’ll either fall madly in love or blast the whole thing to cinders.

What’s it going to be?