PFW, SS13- Volume and Ease.

Its controlled volume with chic ease. Collections for ss13 have shown easy pieces, well mostly if we’re not counting the leathers and furs being thrown at us, but Ease is a good look. Teamed with volume however, it can be a little tricky so here’s where we can pick up a thing or two from the Pariseinne. She masters a perfect volume in her silhouettes, the simple dress with the big sleeves, mixed with sheer to give it that sexy bent, an easy pulled jacket with relaxed tailored pants, an A-line skirt and blouse roughed up with a cool leather jacket and swish stilettos, billowing maxi pulled in a belt, sandals and a high slit or maybe its a simple, loose shirt dress with rolled up sleeves and a fly collar like what!…the trick is to master your proportions so it doesn’t overwhelm the look.