MFW SSI3; Dressing Up a la Bottega

Lets all play dress up…THIS was such a BEAUTIFUL show. Tomas Maier showed what an absolutely complete understand he has of a woman and our need for wanting perfection when it comes to fashion. There were dresses, in lace, in laser, sheer, and my the embroidery was so intricately exquisite. It was modern but with a nod back to the past, a time when women dressed up day to night. Every single piece of this collection is highly covetable. There was nothing ordinary about this collection, the detailing was extensive but not overt, even in the day pieces. This was a very confident and very beautiful collection as Maier himself said “its about making women feel confident” and with this collection he sure did because he started at the right path; the woman as his muse and he hit the right note. Best in show from Milan.