MFW SS13 Slick Quirk; Antonio Marras

Milan hardly does quirk. Milan is feminine and sexy and all that jazz but what a refreshing sight on this note that there is some injection of uniqueness into the collections. Enter Marras. This was a collection of juxtaposing perfection. The rebel doing style on her terms. Her own thing ya know. She’s a tough gal and doesn’t give two sh!ts about what people think of her look and style and she totally owns it. What’s cute about the look is the quirk and it works all day on the Marras girl. Mix in camouflage with an LBD hey presto, it sounds like it shouldn’t work but it works and this rebellious chick can pull it off, candy coloured pretty little dresses, a mishmash of dots and prints, alongside feminine silhouettes it was proper but nonconformist in a way. There was an undercurrent of simplicity that accompanied this collection, an offbeat charm that pulled this all together.