Daniella Issa Helayel obviously loves to make women beautiful. Glad to see she isn’t just sticking to the duchess-y type gowns in the wake of that engagement announcement that led to all kinds of Issa-like situations…no, this collection was bold and fun and flirty, it was the seventies babe meets the tropical chick and in one word it was beautiful. Sure there were still duchess-y type pieces but it wasn’t an overarching theme. That was the plus, the other thing, and this may either be a minus or benefit hence its called the “thing,” is that this was a very Issa show, in the sense that it was very expected; Omph. Nothing about this was subtle, minimalist is not an Issa look, its very sexy, very glossy, very diva. All the things the brand is known for and the issue with that, is this; a woman needs variety, the woman is the Issa lifeline and she will need that variety someday soon or she’ll get bored, you know us. Still, it was a very pretty show, models with flowers stuck in their topknots, full face of make-up, the prints were perfect, tropical and amazonian; the white halter flowing maxi with the splash of pink flowers on it was jaw droopingly gorgeous, the jumpsuit with deep neck and a mash up of orange and red tropical print was just so so cool, the little duchess-y type dresses with florals and stripes in spring summer colours would be perfect on summer holiday…All in all it was a very beautiful and Issa does beautiful, beautifully well.