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Okay, taking a break from fashion week whilst we’re smack in the middle to share a little tale with you. Shoes can empower a woman. FACT. Can get her through most anything; heartbreak, walk her down the aisle or kick him to the curb. I remember my perfect shoe moment, her name was Sissy and she is the most empowering pair of shoes I own. Completely impractical and somewhat vulgar. Made of Black satin and snakeskin, her heels are high, slinky and made of steel. Her sex appeal is unapologetic. And she cost a lot of money, at the time anyway, but my impracticality was born of youth. I’ve worn her twice at best three times, but have had her for over ten years. I remember everything about the day I bought her, late evening on a lovely summers’ day in August, in a little boutique in Knightsbridge. I was feeling particularly morose but when I saw her in the window, I remember being mesmerised by her because I’d never seen a pair like her before. I walked in, tried her on and  knew I had to keep her.

You see, it wasn’t about that momentary feeling of happiness at acquiring yet another pair of shoes, buying Sissy was so much more than that- it was a statement, an empowering moment that was all about me, what I wanted to do without seeking approval. I was a girl in love with a bad boy…we all know how that story ends. So Sissy gave me a moment of power, a snap through the fog. Clarity. At that age, in that situation, clarity was not a luxury I could afford. Young Love so lost. And that feeling has stayed with me ever since. I knew I could never really get a decent wear out of her, she was ridiculously impractical and rather too fancy for school, but none of that mattered.

Over the years I have moved house and mislaid her and sometimes I don’t even find her mate but its that one moment I will always treasure, that one most powerful moment. And as for the bad boy..let’s just say he never did make the good grades.

What’s your shoe moment? Tweet with hashtags #ALDO40 #ShoeMoment go here for the fabulous prize to be won and share you shoe story because every heel has one.

xoxo Madam.

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