LFW SS13- Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Dame Viv has a bee in her bonnet about climate-y type things and some very fashion-y things which she expressed subliminally in her very ladylike collection. The look was granny meets street meets first lady meets lunch ladies. It was a bit of everything really, and if you overlook the very crazy make-up, most looks on the runway would work off the runway as were; skirts that scrapped the knee with little pleated flare, pencil pants and pearls, slits on the high, and that sequinned one piece with the belt rocked my world. A Dame she might be, but Vivienne Westwood is one cool Dame let that be known. This was a very sensible collection, very practical but ever so stylish and if you got over the dramatics, so to speak, you got the sense it was all about the quality not quantity, style rather than trend and finding style in the trends that come at us each season. And then we have the Dame to take her bow in tee-shirt and hosiery with war type paint on her face, dramatic but none the less effective because we’ll never forget it…who said fashion doesn’t have its moments?