Mulberry is as Mulberry does; heritage, fun, quirky. Its very cute, very sweet, very adorable and certainly very Mulberry. And how we love it so. Lace, leather, florals, pretty things and a poodle in a pea coat, were sent down the runway. And not to forget all those lovely Mulberry bags jollying down the runway. Bags adorned with leather floral appliqué, in colours and all sorts. Sweet little jackets, daisy printed light knits and bottoms that are perfect for spring and in the most refreshing breath of colours, cuteness in the form of flower buttons and hardware. This was a very happy collection. Joyfully girly. But that’s just Mulberry and anything Mulberry does, Mulberry does so well, at times a bit too well its a bit too much, but its that quintessential Mulberry feeling that makes us all so giddy for the brand.