NYFW; Victoria Beckham.

The evolution of Victoria Beckham as a designer is one that is closely watched by sceptics and greatly lauded by the fashion cognoscenti. Either way, whether you are for or against, whether you call her a “celebrity” designer (goodness I loathe that word) or a bonafide fashion designer, there is one thing you cannot deny; Victoria Beckham is a woman that knows what she is doing. I am all for her. Mrs B has some serious chops so hats off to her. In a space of eight years, the ten piece dress collection that announced her foray into fashion proper has become a solid luxury brand, she has evolved her style, shown great range and proves she understands what women want from fashion; to look and feel good. As simple a concept as this is, it seems an epic battle women still have with fashion designers, but Victoria Beckham gets this. She has broadened her horizon to be all inclusive and this tells us that she looks, listens and learns from her woman.

With ss13 she gave variety, from long ankle scheming, loose fitting skirts to demure dresses and FLATS…yes flats for the summer. There were separates added to the mainline collection; a sharp red, cropped blazer and A-Line skirt suit, a perfectly cut pair of trouser suit with the perfect waisting; it wasn’t hanging Madonna low nor was it on the mom jean high, it sat just right on the waist, and a strong influence of menswear with tailored shirts and fedoras. Although significantly more relaxed in structure, it never lost its sex appeal. It was less rigorously figure hugging and contoured yet maintained that signature Beckham form, this is after all her knack; slick, sharp and form. The evening dresses with the mesh panels and lingerie-esque style schemed the body so perfectly but you got the sense that as a designer, she has mastered her aesthetic and learned to adapt its deft touch to other silhouettes. And when she wasn’t going for sexy, it was still very cool with the mini skirt and tailored shirts paired with monk shoes made in collaboration with Manolo Blahnik, pretty mini dresses with high necks, flirty little skirts with lace inserts and ruffled hem. When it came to the Victoria by Victoria Beckham range, it was even more laid back, as she sighted the inspiration to be California street style, but the variety of dresses; midi, mini, lace, shift, which have become known for their casual-luxe appeal, were still very much the polished Cali girl not beachy and it never lacked in appeal either.