NYFW-Look to Love; The School Run

Moms walk a majestic road and I have unparalleled respect for all mothers, because they do the damn thing and then some more. The school gate has become the new battlefield thanks to the likes of Elle McPherson and her model mum, school run outfits and the fact that the tabs have used this as a measuring yardstick for every mother out there. So here’s the low down; the Schlumpandinka look is out; juicy sweats and jersey mumus. Moms, the school gate is your runway so STOMP IT OUT. Moms at the school gates are on the way to their boardrooms whether it be the supermarket aisle or the corner office, an executive decision is an executive decision; dinner choices or share prices, the world is looking at you…The look is granny, powerful and über fashionable; the power skirt suit, the slick pant suit, cool quilted trench, relaxed fit trouser and top combo, invest in a secret weapon like that mean cut, cropped leather jacket. And STOMP THE YARD.

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