NYFW-Look to Love; Americana

She’s an American girl; the slick New Yorker, the sassy Southerner, the laid-back chick from the Midwest to the Californian dream belle…her look is thrown on but it flows on; sportswear luxe meets dainty lady. She’s either dressed up to the nines or dressed down but even in her dressed-down state, she has enough swagger to pull off just about any look even those PJ print pants. Her look is without much effort but she’s not all gloss; the deshabille hair, the sports jacket, the cool shorts, tailored pieces teamed with sandals, the 50s style dress and bouffant…she’s a ballsy chick. And when it comes to style, don’t mess with her either. That pencil skirt, shirt undone, a cheeky hint of lingerie look…she owns it to a fine T.