NFWY. Look to Love; The Lady with a Twist

Meet the 22nd century woman; she owns her body, makes her rules and works her way and if you don’t like it please exit on the next highway. She’s cheeky, very sexy and loves a good harness…oh, oh someone’s been reading a little too much 50 Shades. She’s not a damsel in distress, she is out to take over the world whether dressed in a nipped in print maxi and plimsoles, luxe pants with cut out sweat top and heels, or a cropped leather biker jacket tossed over a cute LWD…she personifies the essence of being a woman from top of her undone perfectly mussed up mane to the tip of her perfectly done up toes. Waists are in, high and cinched, backs are bare. Its a powerful look without being overt, a sexy look without being gauche and she’s so seductive. When its clean its pristine with cheek; harnesses, when she’s busy she tones it down with something loose and easy. Heels are high and bags are still so divine. She is confident in her skin with that dressed up-dressed down feel. You’ll want her on side during battle.