Summer days at an End…

The first leaves of Autumn,

fell across my winding, walking path.

The fresh breeze hit me with a pleasant surprise.

The Summer fairies have gone to rest.

And taken with them what little of her we had.

With a sad sigh we say; at last.

All fun had in the sun,

now but a favourite memory.

The secret smile and cute flirt.

The meet-cute blossomed into summer romance.

The end of said summer romance.

Ice cream in the Park.

Screaming children and a lark.

Long days and pretty evenings.

We mourn the things we should have done;

The shorts not worn.

The legs not shown.

A chance for a stolen kiss, missed.

Unworn pretty dresses hang forlorn,

as we waited for rainy summer days to pass.

But Autumn is here.

Her Fairies filled with fresh pep.

The air is crisp with a nip.

A touch of cold in the early morning rise.

The blistering heat of summer,

makes way for the cool hug of Autumn.

We welcome the joys of September.

What joys she brings we wonder…

new clothes, new shoes, and all the shows.

Back to school. And Schedules. Moms on a ragged run.

But more importantly,

Autumn brings with her, a season of new beginnings.

careless whiles of Summer,

forgone for the astute mind of Autumn.

Here’s to an Autumn of Love, Laughs

and beauty of life that lasts and lasts.

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