Fashion Week Cometh…

Inhale, Exhale…ARGHHHH!! let the panic begin. Fashion Week, whether you’re watching sat in front row or on Livestream, it is no mean feat, and as much as we like to be blasé about it sometimes, it’s still pretty exciting and let’s face it we just can’t be “over it”; new clothes, pretty shoes, handbags, make-up…what is not to love? So, we know the basics, the cities we’ll be flying to, first or cattle class, have organised invitations, RSVP’d to meetings, cars, hotels all sorted etc, etc. No matter who you are; fashion editor, blogger, fashion student or Intern, fashion week is an unending preparation from the designers putting themselves out there, to the editor sat in front row, to the poor PR people running ragged, show organisers, models, interns…it’s like a production of Ben Hur really. What to wear is always a pickle to decide. So let’s get throw some basic silhouettes and ideas together…first up Big Apple. Let’s do this;

The look is SUPER POWERFUL; the feel is on the go and coffee is the secret potion; the answer to all our prayers. New York means serious business; with more than 12 shows a day on some days, Uptown to Downtown, taxis are a nightmare, please have your driver’s cell phone number to hand and arrange a meeting point or time your exit strategically, even so, that may not work so know your intersections, Streets, Avenues etc… Easy tones, luxe textures and yes, blacks work excellently especially for early morning shows where you just have to go, go, go…

Dress; Victoria Beckham, Tote; The Row; Ipad Cover; Nancy Gonzalez, Pussy bow blouse; Vivienne Westwood, Lace Skirt; Moschino Cheap & Chic, Sunglasses; Victoria Beckham, Boot; Christian Louboutin.

Next stop; The Big Smoke…

The look is cool and quirky, the city is ready to party. I love London, especially during fashion week because it feels like one endless week of fun, the Mayfair hotel is the official/unofficial hang out, 2am cocktails in someone’s room, afternoon teas and late night meals, which sometimes means never making it to bed before 4am and getting up at crazy o’clock to make the first show of the day…dazzle your wardrobe with quirk; peter pan collar, a hip blazer and those Marni Gold brogues are so London they couldn’t be Londoner. Wellies and a brolly will come in handy because you know, we get near enough four seasons in one day.

Blazer; Marc Jacobs, Sunglasses; Alexander McQueen, Shoes; Marni, IPad Case; Vivienne Westwood, Notebook; Smythsons, Tote; Anya Hindmarch, Dress Marni.

Milan, Milan, such life, such flair. Being in Milan is like a carnival of the most eponymous and showiest of shows, on the road and the catwalk, so rich and vibrant. When in Milan please let your hair down; eat, drink, be merry, for the Italians love a celebration of life proper. Take some time between shows to explore and enjoy the splendour of this city, maybe a schlep to the outskirts…For the wardrobe we’re thinking feminine, sexy, brocades, animal print, jewels…Gucci, Dolce, Armani…Si. Vespa is optional.

Dress; Gucci, Earrings Lara Bohinc, Shoes; Christian Louboutin, Tote; Gucci, Sunglasses; Prada, Shoes; Stella McCartney, Necklace; Lara Bohinc, Dress Red Valentino

And we’re back in business in Paris. Much like New York, Paris is super powerful and über chichi, everything is to the chicest max; its the slick leather skinny pants a la Alt, the very pretty dresses, divine cashmere meets rock and roll. Besides the allure of the city, which is truly unparalleled, the Parisienne is the epitome of style even in dainty flats, she oozes it in every pore of her body, so come in your absolute fashionable best because we will judge you for it.

Sweater; Helmut Lang, Pants; Balmain, Shoes; MiuMiu, Tote; Alexander McQueen Heroine, Sunglasses; Celine, Dress; Victoria by Victoria Beckham, Flats; Tory Burch.