Brunch; Anna Wintour does casual.

Okay, let’s have a laugh, its the morning after the Met Ball and someone is in need of a pick me up, some serious brunch; blueberry pancakes, drizzling syrup, scrambled eggs, waffles, muffins, bacon, freshly squeezed OJ…the only cure for the hangover. If my BFF (La Wintour) were to let her hair down and rough it out with me downtown, she’d still be trés chichi so let’s imagine for a moment she’s going for the downtown-blasé look, that tee alone is so Anna appropriate, it couldn’t be more perfect (cc Wimbledon people Ms Wintour only does front row. ONLY. Or you’ll never play tennis in Centre Court again!) throw on those skinny jeans, tag on a pair of über cool Rag and Bone short boots, Wang Rocco bag, Celine aviators and a Burberry cardigan, she may be downtown, but there needs to a touch of Brit cool. Anna, let’s do brunch K? x