THE LIBRARY: Bed of Roses, Nora Roberts

This is the second book in the the Bride Quartet. Emma is a girly girl, uses Tinker Bell plasters and works a mean magic with flowers being the florist at Vows, the wedding business she runs with her best friends. A very much sought after, very talented florist. And all the boys love Emma, sexy, sultry, slim, curvy, beautiful Emma. A true romantic; all her life she’s only ever wanted to fall in love.

Enter the very sexy and successful Jack Cooke, one of Connecticut’s hottest bachelors, he’s always felt a thing for Emma but never really acted on it because it would be stepping on toes; their relationship has its layers of complication because Emma is like a sister to his best friend, Delaney, who also happens to be Parker’s brother; Parker, Lauren, Emma and Mackenzie are the best of friends, so dating her would not only complicate the already complicated if things go wrong, but it would be crossing that sacred line.

Emma and Jack are sexy together, their spark ignites the pages, their flirting is sexy-cute and there’s the element of the fairytale there; she’s a girl from a rich family whose parents union have the perfect romantic tale and her beliefs are very much steeped in the roots of family. Jack is very much a self sufficient man whose family roots are weak and marriage is not on his radar. He is not ready for the feelings being with Emma inspires, they don’t prepare him for the territory he finds himself in, but he’ll have to get into them to get over them. Emma wants her Prince Charming and wonders if Jack is the one, ever so protective of his space but being with him gives her all those thoughts, all those feelings…

The heart wants what it wants and fighting it will be fighting a losing battle. What to do…

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