THE LIBRARY | Vision in White; Nora Roberts.

I am a romantic; I’m pisces therefore, apparently, its in my DNA and there is nothing I can do about it. Just thought I should get that out there because chances are, all or most of the books you will see on this blog will be romance of the Happily Ever After kind and as I am in a process of writing an epically romantic novel…well, there you go.

Vision in White is a part of the Bride Quartet series by Nora Roberts; my first ever Nora Roberts novel. A heartwarming series about friendship and love. I love the dynamics of these stories and the sweetness of it.

Mackenzie (Mac) is a photographer at Vows, the wedding service she runs with her best friends Parker, Emma and Laurel. A talented photographer lauded for her knack of capturing perfect moments through her lens and making them last forever, a craft she mastered from the blue butterfly moment, as a little girl, when they played Wedding Day. Mac is superb in her art and one fourth of the reason why Vows is such a successful business. But her personal life couldn’t be more contrary to the success of her career; when it comes to relationships, Mac is more focused on sticking with the negatives as opposed to seeing the fully developed picture…literally. She is as discombobulated as she is precise behind the camera, flummoxed and ready to flea at the mere thought of commitment, a condition brought on by a mother who incessantly sponges off her and a fly by but affable father.

Enter Carter Maguire, sweet, charming, utterly clumsy and perfect Carter, who has harboured a crush on Mac since junior high, only she didn’t know about it. And now, here they are…Carter is a man on a mission to get his girl.

Vows is planning the wedding to Carter’s sister, the very excitable Sherry, which means he is going to be around Mac a lot more. She has to analyse and understand her feelings for him, which takes her out of her comfort zone and dumps her smack bang into unknown territory.

What is she going to do about that?

You read and find out. A heartwarming, utterly witty and charming tale.