Off the beaten track London; The Galleries.

The Estorick collection in North London is home to modern Italian art and sculptures going as far back at the 1850s. Named after Eric Estorick, an American who came to live in England, after WWII, he  was enamoured by the futurism of Italian art and became an avid collector. The Georgian housed museum in Islington, boasts a wealth of some of the most astonishing works of art from Italian artists in its permanent collection. The Estorick is the only Gallery in the UK dedicated to Italian art and is definitely worth your while whilst in the capital.

Another noteworthy gallery is Tiwani Contemporary on Little Portland Street. Dedicated and inspired by Art from Nigerian artists, Africa and its Diaspora, opened in December 2011, the gallery aims to promote works of African and African inspired artists to an increasingly fascinated audience. The gallery will be closed for the month of August so if you can, hurry there.