Off the beaten track London; sweet eats.

I’m of the dessert is a food category kind, I love a good dessert, the sweeter the better. Cupcakes!! CUPCAKES!! check my instagram feed and you’ll see what I mean. In London the BEST and I mean THE BEST cupcakes ever is Lola’s. I love Lola’s cupcakes, all freshly made daily and sold in the standalone café in Mayfair or the one in Selfridges, Harrods food hall, Topshop etc….nothing beats Lola’s. Have it with the Lindt hot chocolate in Selfridges or with Champagne and I promise you heaven…or something pretty close.

In need of something light and sweet from Paris, by way of Selfridges on the ground floor food hall is Pierre Hermé macaroon salon (is that what its called?) Where they have the most delicious macaroons in several unique flavours; métisse; orange and carrot, infiniment jasmin, menthe fraîche, plénitude; chocolate and caramel, mogador; milk chocolate and passion fruit…and if you want the more popular we have Ladureé in Covent Garden or Harrods for some sweet eats.

And ice cream; Haagen Dazs ice cream parlour is my happy place it can get a bit touristy but it compensates for its endless flavours and delicious cocktails and ice cream cake…I’ll stop now. More off the beaten track is Chin Chin Labs in Camden, Europe’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour, they make the ice cream from scratch right before your eyes! You can then throw in your nuts, syrup etc. truffled popcorn was heavenly and the vanilla; perfection. It actually looks like a laboratory, you can sit in or outside, enjoy your ice cream and take in the whole Camden vibe.

So you see we cater to the world really in London.