Off the beaten track London; Regents Park

As one of the Royal Parks, Regents Park has everything going for it, beauty, serenity, vast yet charming and a delightful trot, when you have the time. And smack bang in the middle of the capital, in one of the most affluent and beautiful places in London. A short hop to the West End, but out of the way enough to be off the beaten tracks. Surrounded by splendid Regency architecture, you’ll be enticed even more by the peace and charm of the neighbourhood. Have a peak over the hedge at the odd yet stunning historical stone buildings, have a wander up to the Zoo, stop by for coffee in a quaint little coffee or a pub lunch and some organic ice cream, you know, if that is your thing, or come with your own picnic basket and laze the day away as you enjoy the glorious sunset…you may even sport a vintage car or two. And that is the Squirrel King I had a stand off with in the park, he kept testing me and in the end he won because I had to get out of his way. Let’s face it I was on his territory after all. Long Live the King.