Off the beaten track London; Holland Park

Where Regent’s Park is blessed with splendid beauty and Primrose Hill with a spectacular view, Holland Park is blessed with nature, pure unadulterated nature that tugs at your heart. So beautiful, so serene, such an adventure. Its like being in the woods, the closest thing to nature in the city, long walks and different windy paths so the beauty of it is, you don’t know where you’ll come out but when you do, it takes you by surprise, it took me from Kensington to Holland Park end to end. A pond, woodlands, and get this, there are benches dedicated to people there! Even a positive thinking area. This has to be the most heart warming park in London, in my opinion, a place to get away from it all still surrounded my the buzz from the metropolis but safely tucked away in your own cocoon. Pack a picnic basket, take your favourite book or whatever your past time, Holland Park will indulge you.

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