Off the beaten track London; Kings Road

South West London

The Kings Road is one of my favourite places to be especially on a Saturday hence my instagram feed over the weekend is normally of the Kings Road because its my beat spot. I love the vibe and there’s lots to see and eat on the road. From Paella in the Duke of York Square, authentic spanish Paella to Jamaican jerk chicken patty, rundown…this is culinary heaven in the “posh” stomping grounds of the manor and so authentic too. If you’re feeling for a Brazilian steak burger, you’re sorted, some oysters darling, certainly, cocktail served in the pod, absolutely or fresh juices and dessert…everything is catered for on the road and just outside the Saatchi Gallery where admission is free…if I spoilt you anymore you’d be rotten…but I will, so have at it on a Saturday and have yourself a royally splendid time on behest of the King, its his manor after all. 🙂

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