Off the beaten track London; Columbia Road Flower Market.

Columbia Road Flower Market E2.

A jewel in the East End of London and open only on Sundays from 8am-2pm, this is a haven for flower lovers or those who want something a little more off the tracks and a peak into authentic London life, the the cockney geezer twang is there for laughs. Its bursting with life and energy but be warned it gets VERY BUSY; body to body. Still, the sacrifice is worth every single penny, 20 stems for roses for a fiver…bargain! Plants and little trees, pots of sunflower, hydrangeas 3 for a tenner, and beautiful peonies cheap and chips…you cannot go wrong. And a perfect gift for your host for those of you staying with friends during the Olympics.

Take the Northern Line to Old Street, (Bank Branch) exit 2 turn right and walk up the ramp jump on the bus 55 and get off at Columbia road, cross on over into Columbia road and just follow the crowd to the market. et voila. Welcome to London.