Sophie Hulme’s sweet Hymn

Sophie Hulme knows how to set a girl’s world alight with so many pretty things like her handbags…properly structured, clean lines, hardware and they’ll last for seasons to come. I am not only in love, but in serious lust, with these handbags, they make my heart flutter (nothing new there I know). The rich, lovely, beautiful colours and absolute functionality means they will work with everything in your wardrobe (I know I say this often, but every handbag should work with your wardrobe. every single handbag you buy; that’s the madam rule of thumb so quote me on it). The satchels are perfect for those days when you just need to pep up your outfit and the totes will go on for days on end. Banish the black handbags for the summer (I don’t believe I just said that!) and invest in something sweet and pretty from Sophie Hulme. You won’t regret it.

Darling satchels, with gold studded hardware softened by the pleasant hues and distinct femininity, slip through fold over flap, adjustable and detachable shoulder strap for duality and on the inside is just one pocket. Easy, Peasy, sweet as candy. The totes of which there are two kinds, long and short we’ll call them, are just as functional. The short tote features two handheld handles, a detachable long leather strap, two inner pockets and one pouch and a unique dual zip fastening on both top sides. The long tote is a simpler combination still with the handheld handles and detachable strap, but with one inner and an open top; perfect to throw and go, without compromising on your style. Simple and tote-ally (oh yes I did) versatile, we’ll call this; the sweet sensation.