Bastille Brunch…

I love the French, their passion for life and love. Indeed, no one loves like the French. I love Paris in Spring time, it is the absolute best season in the city; wonder through the Jardin du Luxemburg and revel in its splendour, pop into the Museé D’Orsay or the Picasso Museum for sheer artistic pleasure, make the most of credit card in the boutiques along Rue st Honoré, let the romance of the Pont Neuf take your breath away or just have a touristy jaunt to the Eiffel Tour…there is always something to do in Paris, somewhere to go and lots of people to see. It is an unending love affair. Cliché but true…So here’s to a Bastille day brunch.

Pretty Chloé dress, Carven sling back flats, in that sweet coral crush, YSL sunglasses; say it with me; Yves (Eve) Saint (San; note the quiet “n” and subtle “a”) Laurent (Lo-wRo(ng)- subtle “w” and from the throat people let your R’s role) because we will soon be deprived the pleasure of saying it and poking fun of people who can’t! lol thanks Hedi… but back to brunch, the almighty and most iconic Chanel 2.55 completes this look. Nothing, and I mean nothing, defines Paris like Chanel or the Parisienne like the 2.55; its the most emblematic symbol of the die hard fashion faithfuls, hence it is most appropriate for brunch. Enjoy the delights of the city on your bike with a picnic brunch to go, cop a squat in the Jardin and lose yourself for a few hours in the day, have some wine, cheese and the usual suspects of French cuisine and by all means allow yourself to stop and smell the chichi French air…you deserve to.

And for my two French readers… (yes, totally showing off because I’m learning to speak the language and being better at it) Bonne fête Bastille, en vous souhaitant une journée vraiment joyeuse. bisous