Villains Gone Wild; Blair Waldorf and Emily Thorne.

There’s a proverb; “when two elephants fight its the grass that suffers” If B and E ever get together, we’d all be damned. But that said, together, there would be no stopping them. Imagine a Blair Waldorf take down or an Emily Thorne patented revenge potion; TOTAL ANNIHILATION.

I love these two characters, Blair makes Bitch look good and Emily makes Revenge taste sweeter. They are villains gone wild and God help the people who get in their way. Strong, determined and pure unadulterated vengeance. They take no prisoners. You are either with them or against them and nobody who ever went against either one has come out unscathed.

Emily Thorne freaks me out, I wouldn’t want to meet her in an alley at night or in the day time for that matter; she will take me out. Its that deathly cold yet sweetly innocent look and the blonde locks that get me…she is the hottest coldest blonde on block right now and she is on a Revenge bender. She would easily, even gleefully, watch her frenemy die as they sip tea and swap stories as if they were the best of mates, possibly from the cyanide she slipped in the tea, all in the name of Revenge and it’ll be just another red X on your face, in a day’s work.

Blair Waldorf is more blunt about her take downs and once she makes you her mark, there’s no surviving the take down coming your way. Nowhere to run or hide… she will find you and she will ruin you. When you go up against Blair Waldorf, you might as well dig your own grave, because one way or another, you are going down Waldorf style. Massive. She will take you to the very depths of despair and leave you there without a hope in hell of finding your way out. At least when she’s not all “I love Chuck Bass”. She’s a badass like that. She’s used to getting what she wants; whether you give it or she takes it and if she has to take it, she’ll take you for all you’re worth even the clothes on your back. Damn the consequence, even if it is your mother. In her own words from season One post Georgina Sparks Take Down; She’s a “crazy bitch”, the only crazy bitch allowed to roam the Upper East Side with the headband in tow and don’t we all know it…and love her for it.

If these two were in charge of the world, I dare say, there will be World Peace because to piss one off is to rain hell on your head; OFF WITH YOUR HEAD.

Now if only there was something in the works with these two in the same zip code, causing a whole lot of raucous. I’d pay to watch that. ABC, NBC…Anyone.

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