5Things with @katja_anderson

I want to have tea with Katja, its the first thing I think about when I am tweeting with her, how cool it would be to sit down and have tea with her, swap life stories and watch the day go by. We’d talk, we’d laugh and we’d sit along side each other in silence and it would have been a glorious day. If ever there was a song that would define Katja as I have gotten to know her, it would be Somewhere only we know by Keane…Its a certain feeling of content, she’s an old soul, ever so polite, ever so sweet but she can suck it to you like your grandmama always could. She’s incredibly fun and you’ll adore her….

1. What’s your favourite line from a movie or song?

“I’m not responsible for what people think…only for who I am” (taken fromDouble Indemnity). 

2. If you had to have a do-over in life what would it be?

Have chosen different parents but had the same grandparents (Gloria Swanson was convinced we choose our parents and who am I to argue with her?)

3. Describe yourself in three words;

Compassionate, convivial and discerning.

4. What era defines your style?

 The late 1950’s/early 1960’s. 

5. When did you stop giving a damn?

When I decided to leave London and move to NY! But now rather missing London…

Thanks K. xoxo