The Library: Genevieve by Eric Jerome Dickey

This was my first book by Eric Jerome Dickey but it wasn’t my last. I have been hooked on his books since but Genevieve is my absolute favourite. One of the best books I have read. and I have read A LOT! Genevieve is a tale about Dr Genevieve Forbes, who moved from the deep south to LA and made something of herself. Geneveive, and you better pronunce it correctly or she’ll tell you about it, is a woman about her own with alot of skeletons in her closet. Married to a sexy doctor, we never actually know his name in the book but I was left referring to him as Eric, no idea why, but he is sexy and in love with his wife despite the many walls she hides behind. She loves her husband but in her own complicated yet sweet way. Marriage is not built on complications and barriers which both soon learn.

The story starts where a life ends, Willie Esther, the evil woman who raised Genevieve, has died and she has to go back home to put some demons to rest. Husband wants to go with her but she would really rather he didn’t, but he wants to. He needs to, to learn about his wife.

And learn he does and so much and then some more, probably more than he needs to know but it is still all he needs to know.

He meets Kenya, the wild child and all the other family members and understands why Genevieve is the way she is.

This is a love story, a sexually charged love story one filled with suspense and intrigue. It peels back layers and completes its character. The writing often poetic and romantic is raw and real…I love this book you’ll love this book. Get to reading.