5Things with @vogueandcoffee

I’ve met alot of wonderful people on twitter, I’ve formed close relationships with them and though I may not have met all of them in real life (IRL; twitter speak) I still, in a lot of ways, feel connected to them because somehow, someway my day doesn’t seem complete if I don’t at least tweet a tweep. And isn’t that what twitter is about; connection and community?

5Things is a series where I learn five random things about a pal, be it humourous or serious. I’ll share them with you so that way, you would have come to know them a little bit and hopefully connect with them a lot. I’ve never tweeted a tweep I didn’t incredibly like and admire.

My first 5Thing tweep is Valerie Hite of Vogue and Coffee, since joining twitter, I’ve had a tweet crush on her, I love her aesthetic, her tone and her undying love for the Yankees; because of her I’m a Yankees fan; GO YANKEES!! Valerie or V like I like to call her (so GG) is uber cool people, with a fabulous sense of humour and tweets full of wit. Her tumblog is a place of true love mixed in with fashion, Paris, the Yankees and them some. She has become a part of my sounding board and boy, do I sound her ear off.

(Oh and we are currently in a battle for Marc Jacobs…)

So why don’t you get to know my Valerie…

1. Describe yourself in three words;

Hard to handle, True but you may also want to add Always The Dreamer.

2. Love is?

Feeling like you’re home…

3. Have you Loved and Lost or not Loved at all?’

Love AND Lost…many times

4. If you had to pick up and go anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

New York I belong there. Plain and Simple

5. If you could have a room full of your favourite things, it can be anything, from country to a snack, what would the top three picks be and why?

In a perfect world, Louis Vuitton in Paris, a copy of Vogue and great coffee.

(of course!)

Thanks V

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